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Volunteer with Porridge and Rice

volunteer nurse checking eyes giving a dental hygiene lesson digging drains

Volunteers with Porridge and Rice do a lot of useful work in our partner schools. We usually run three volunteer trips per year, achieving a number of projects each time. We accept help from volunteers with a wide range of skills, from a wide age range and from a variety of backgrounds.

We have a gallery of volunteer photos where you will also find an application form. Check it out!

Volunteering photo gallery
helping to serve breakfast participating in a school trip volunteer laying concrete floor

What kind of projects do volunteers take part in?

To get a more detailed insight into what it's like to volunteer with Porridge and Rice, please download the latest version of our volunteer handbook.

Volunteer Handbook

Volunteers are encouraged to explore Kenya while they are visiting. Weekend trips that our volunteers have taken include a safari holiday, visiting an elephant sanctuary, and climbing Mount Kenya.

Volunteers are entirely self-funded, paying for their own accommodation and travel costs, and any leisure trips while in Kenya. Porridge and Rice charges a small administration fee for booking flights and accommodation on behalf of volunteers. For more details, please download our volunteer handbook.

If you are interested in arranging a group volunteer trip with Porridge and Rice, please get in touch.

In recent times there has been a lot of criticism of "voluntourism". Click here to read our response.