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The Health And Hygiene Programme

open drains in Ngando 'short stop' toilets at Lizpal School children line up to be weighed at Heri Junior School

The aim of our health and hygiene programme is to leverage the resources and knowledge we have in order to improve the medium to long term health prospects of the children in our partner schools. Building on the foundation of the feeding and nutrition programme, we look to leverage knowledge and basic hygiene concepts.

The slum communities have many health challenges that stem from both environment and a lack of education. Infant mortality rates are high, and children often miss school due to poor health and malnutrition. Chronic conditions go unidentifed and untreated because parents and staff don't know what to look out for.

What is Porridge and Rice doing?

Porridge and Rice is a member of the STH Coalition.

Case Studies

  • Health Program and Training Manual