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Porridge and Rice: Feeding for Education

A hungry child can't concentrate in class

In the Nairobi slums, many children have to skip breakfast. They spend the day hungry, and can't concentrate on their lessons. Porridge and Rice provide breakfast and lunch to help children get the most from their schooling.

School Fairs

Come and see our animals at these fund-raising fairs in South West London!

The Giving Machine

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There are many ways you can contribute, both in the UK and Kenya. Find out more here...

Buy a hedgehog

Buy a knitted hedgehog and support our work in Nairobi


Every penny helps.
Can you make a difference?

Feeding & Nutrition

Provide children with the energy to learn and the nutrition to grow.

Health & Hygiene

Promote good hygiene practices and monitoring health and growth.

Facilities & Furniture

Improving the learning environment by removing the distraction of overcrowding and broken desks.

Education & Sponsorship

Addressing inequality of access to eduction. Supporting students and teachers to learn more and learn better.

Extracurricular Activities

Giving poverty-stricken children the opportunity to have a rounded education.


Working towards our partner schools becoming self-supporting.

Rights & Gender

Addressing gender imbalance and harmful practices.