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Extreme Poverty

Porridge and Rice works in the Nairobi slums to end extreme poverty through a quality education. Education enables people to take control of their own lives and break the cycle of poverty and deprivation.

Around 1.2 billion people live in extreme poverty. This is defined by the World Bank as a family living on an income of less than £1 a day. Extreme poverty is widespread in East Africa.

In addition to suffering chronic hunger, these families frequently lack safe drinking water, sanitation, health care, children’s education and rudimentary shelter.


Porridge and Rice adopts a holistic, human-rights-based approach to education supporting community schools. The work of Porridge and Rice is organised into 6 programmes which are (1) feeding and nutrition, (2) health and hygiene, (3) facilities and furniture, (4) extracurricular activities, (5) education and sponsorship, and (6) sustainability.

Porridge and Rice has no paid staff. The team of trustees and members are all volunteers who give their time freely.

A smiling Glad Kids pupil

Wine Tasting

Join Porridge and Rice for an evening of laughter and entertaining with some wine tasting thrown in for good measure.

Thank You

Mosaico, an Italian restaurant on the Whitton High Street, is an active supporter of Porridge and Rice promoting the charity and hosting charity events.

Tom Hawes, founder of the Tilnar Cycle Challenge, chose Porridge and Rice to receive a part of every entrance fee for this exciting new cycling event.

Porridge and Rice is dependent on its donors and supporters to do its work.

Every mention and every donation, no matter the size, is appreciated. Thank you to every donor and every supporter for your kindness.

July 2015 July Volunteers

In July 2015, nine volunteers headed for Nairobi via Istanbul to support the work of Porridge and Rice in the slums of the Kenyan capital at the four Porridge and Rice partner schools.

During their stay, the volunteers helped on a range of projects including building a new kitchen, constructing new blackboards for an entire school, and repainting two schools. In addition, volunteers were able to announce the partnership of Heri Junior School with Porridge and Rice.

Porridge and Rice does not have any paid employees in the UK so it depends entirely on volunteers to achieve their goals. If you are interested in volunteering with Porridge and Rice in Kenya, fill in the form. Porridge and Rice welcomes volunteers of all ages and any level of skills.

July 2015 Blackboards and kitchen

Volunteers constructed new and refurbished existing blackboards so each classroom at Excel Emmanuel school now has a full size blackboard.

In addition, volunteers built a kitchen extension at Lizpal school that allows the Jiko fumes and hot air to leave quickly.

July 2015 Painting

Both Lizapl and Glad Kids schools were looking very run down in July creating a very poor impression. Porridge and Rice volunteers spent two weeks painting all the walls, doors and window frames at both schools leaving them looking clean, bright and welcoming, in effect, a great environment for learning.

The walls were painted an earthy red and doors and windows were painted sky blue. A local artist Sam Dante painted the school names as well as the Porridge and Rice logo and educational pictures like the parts of a flower, on the walls.

Feedback from parents and pupils was very positive. They were delighted to see the school of they are so proud, looking so smart and colourful.

July 2015 Urban Farming

Volunteers dug a compost pit at Lizpal. Feeding 500 pupils can result in a lot of peelings, all of which until recently were simply dumped. These are now put into a compost pit on which sweet potatoes and papaya will be grown once full.

July 2015 Fidgety Fingers

Earlier in the year, Fidgety Fingers Pre-School of Hastingwood in Essex, chose Porridge and Rice as their charity for the year.

The pre-school, led by Jackie Neagle, undertook a number of activities to raise money from a cake bake exchange to a mini- Tilnar Cycle Challenge. After a year of fund raising activities by the children, Fidgety Fingers donated £675 to Porridge and Rice.

The money raised by the children of Fidgety Fingers will be used to support the four Porridge and Rice partner schools. Porridge and Rice is dependent on the generosity of people and organisations like Fidgety Fingers. Over 98% of money raised goes to the people in need as Porridge and Rice has no paid employees in the UK but relies on volunteers.

July 2015 Friends of Murray Park

Porridge and Rice had a stand at the first Friends of Murray Park fun day selling cup cakes and pies, making balloon animals and running a small petting zoo.

The petting zoo included Pekin Bantams, African Pygmy hedgehogs, Mini Lop rabbits, and guinea pigs. The petting animals proved extremely popular especially the four baby African Pygmy hedgehogs.

June 2015 Tilnar Cycle Challenge

In June 2015, the Tilnar Cycle Challenge was launched and raised around £1,000 for Porridge and Rice.

The Tilnar Cycle Challenge is an annual cycling event created by Tom Hawes, a keen cyclist. The event can be anything from a test of cycling endurance against other participants from Switzerland to Zimbabwe, to a social day to share with friends and family enjoying the outdoors followed by a barbecue and a good bottle of wine.

The Tilnar Cycle Challenge will take place on Sunday 26th June this year between 6am and 9pm. Registration is £12.95 with £9 going to charity. There are special rates for pupils wishing to participate.

Enter now for a good day cycling and to make a contribution to charity.

June 2015 Beavers Petting

13th Twickenham Beavers Scouts were introduced to the handling and care of small animals by volunteers of Porridge and Rice.

Young scouts were able to see and handle animals like Bantam chickens, African Pygmy Hedgehogs and guinea pigs.

June 2015 Petting Day

The Farm at 64 was open to the public for Sunday afternoon to raise money to support the work of Porridge and Rice in Nairobi, Kenya.

There were African Pygmy hedgehogs, guinea pigs, mini-Lop rabbits and Pekin bantams for people to pet and hold. In addition, there are a range of small birds to see including budgies, finches, and quails.

In addition, there were cakes on sale and free cups of tea, and Porridge and Rice balloon modellers were making balloon animals like dogs and rabbits along with swords and flowers, all for sale to raise money for the charity.

May 2015 Hands Fair

Porridge and Rice took a stand at the 2015 Hands Annual Charities Fair on the Spring Bank holiday on Monday 25 May on Twickenham Green, where it sold eats and took some small animals for petting.

There was a range of eats for sale, the most popular of which were the Lebanese pies baked by supporter Mona Choueiri; they sold out quickly. The Lebanese pies were available with a spinach or lamb filling, both equally delicious.

The baby African Pygmy hedgehogs generated a huge amount of attention with adults and children wanting to hold the cute little baby hedgehogs. The baby guinea pigs and Pekins bantams were hardly noticed by the public.

It was a lovely sunny day, and lots of people learnt about Porridge and Rice. Most importantly, Porridge and Rice raised some much needed funds to support its work.

May 2015 Wine Tasting

News to follow. Please be patient.

February 2015 Wine Tasting

News to follow. Please be patient.

January 2015 January Trip

News to follow. Please be patient.

November 2014 Petting for Cubs

News to follow. Please be patient.

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